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Every Victory Begins with You!


Meet Joe and Stella

Joe and Stella enjoyed a quiet life. Raising their family in a small rural town, they worked hard and lived modestly. Watching their kids grow, welcoming grandchildren; they looked forward to their “golden years” together. Unexpectedly, their golden years would be short-lived.

Joe served in the US military and like many veterans has a fighting spirit. But at 83 years old, Joe is losing the battle with dementia. The memories of his life with Stella fading, he needs more care than she can provide. Living below the poverty line, they can’t afford Joe’s assisted living facility. Dementia having won, Joe isn’t aware the County denied their Medi-Cal application or that Stella is at-risk of homelessness. Overwhelmed, Stella doesn’t know what to do and for the first time she is alone.

The generous support you provide allows Joe and Stella’s legal aid attorney to obtain Medicare Part B and appeal the County’s denial of Medi-Cal benefits. Health advocates help find Joe a Medi-Cal skilled nursing home, preserving what’s left of their savings and stabilizing Stella’s financial future. Fighting unscrupulous medical debt collection harassment, CCLS obtains refunds. Stella learns how to self-advocate, has security and peace of mind empowered by knowledge of her legal rights.

Your gift to CCLS helps neighbors like Joe and Stella, good people who never thought they’d need legal aid. They aren’t the only ones who need your help. Daily, hundreds of people contact CCLS. You can give them hope, by giving today. We ask for your year-end donation or consider a monthly contribution.

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